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Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching

We believe Coaching is all about helping companies and individuals reach their goals and achieve their potential. In other words, rather than trying to get where you want to go under your own steam, with some professional coaching you can get there in more manageable steps and a great deal faster.

For companies and individuals looking to boost career development, Scott-Reid Solutions offers the services of our highly respected Coaches, whether you are looking for a one-off session or an ongoing series of coaching interventions.

Not only can this type of support help improve clients’ personal prospects, but also the prospects of the companies that employ them.

Just some of the areas professional coaching covers include:

  • Planning and managing change
  • Developing business plans
  • Building on existing strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying core competencies and interests
  • Reflecting on key professional choices
  • Improving self motivation
  • Sharpening skills and improving techniques
  • Planning tactics ahead of key events
  • Managing working relationships
  • Improving interpersonal communication skills
  • Developing greater confidence
  • Managing stress
  • Managing conflict resolution
  • Improve your Golf (maybe, if you ask nicely)