Scott-Reid Solutions Ltd
The Team

The Team

Jennifer Scott-Reid

Jennifer founded the company in 2005 and is determined to give her clients the benefit of all her big industry experience, without the big industry nonsense. And she did it so that she could work hands-on with clients’ business, rather than sit behind a big desk running a big consultancy hierarchy.
Jennifer has extensive experience of training, coaching, human resources and employee relations through a wide range of sectors, and in business on every scale. From organisations such as Virgin, The International Federation of Airline Pilots,, Sanderson Associates, Bird’s Eye, The British Airline Pilot’s Association, KLM, RCM, AXA Insurance and the British Medical Association to local businesses, GP practices and Golf Clubs.
Jennifer is widely respected for her extensive knowledge; insight on a huge range of interpersonal issues; and commitment to a hands-on personal approach which ensures that clients return time after time. To back up her practical skills she has a wealth of qualifications. These include teaching and management qualifications and a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and Employment Law. Jennifer is a Member of the Institute of Management Consultants. As well as being our expert in Employment Law and Negotiating Skills, over the last 15 years Jennifer has been specialising in soft skill development including psychometric profiling and NLP.

Keith Phillips

After 20 years experience in sales and sales management Keith made a career shift into Learning and Development joining one of the country’s leading training providers, Invicta, specialising in the development of sales teams and sales managers. Having gained valuable consulting experience he then moved to a Management Consultancy, The People Development Team, expanding his areas of competency into Leadership and Management development, particularly in the field of team building and development. A further progression took him to major global corporations, (NCR, Trend Micro and McAfee) managing L&D strategies and initiatives for the whole of Europe and beyond. As well as being our expert in best practice Sales methods, Keith also offers our clients Consulting for a wide range of business needs including Psychometric profiling, Change Management, Coaching and Mentoring. Keith is a member of The Institute of Leadership and Management.
As a Trainer, Keith’s style is very active and involving, participants learn by doing not by listening.

Mike Seakins

Mike has over 40 years experience in the financial services sector, from customer services, through sales to branch management and across the whole spectrum of people development. Internally he has trained/coached a wide variety of employees ranging from fund managers to call centre staff to team leaders in the city to senior executives in Head Office, and almost everyone in between! Externally he has worked alongside numerous independent development consultants.
Mike has also spent 15 years in the crazy world of local football management and coaching. As well as being our expert in the financial services sector, working with Mike will be an advantage to anyone wanting to achieve more in their life, both personally and professionally. His constantly changing environment has enabled Mike to acquire the excellent communication skills vital to support and challenge thousands of individuals and hundreds of teams to improve their performance.
Mike quickly makes a positive impact and forms constructive working relationships. His open and honest style creates a trusting environment, which allows individuals to develop their own inspired work solutions and consequently improves their motivation to succeed.

Rosie Nicola

Rosie has been delivering leading edge Heath and Safety and Employment Law courses, and consultancy advice, across the UK for over 25 years. Rosie has worked in a wide cross section of businesses, industry and commerce and has gained a strong reputation for her knowledge, experience and proven expertise. Rosie is not only our expert, and arguably the UK’s leading expert, in Health and Safety, she also offers experience and expertise in Managing Diversity, Employment Law and all aspects of employee relations.

Neil Bird

Neil brings a wealth of experience from Sales Management in a range of different industry sectors, including Siemens and International Distillers and Vintners; training and development for F T Knowledge; Cambridge Training and Development; PBA Training Services and Longmans; to running his own company, Butlers.
Neil is not only our expert in learning resources, he also has an excellent reputation in the development and delivery of excellent customer service.

Emma James

Emma is a dynamic trainer who offers something different. The list of her skills is extensive – artist, actor, voice-over artist, writer, trainer, and HR Specialist. As well as being our expert in drama, presentation and voice based coaching, she is wholeheartedly committed to a creative approach for all levels of personal and professional development.

Rosemary McKenzie

Rosemary brings a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge in Human Resources Management, Employment Law, Managing Diversity, Negotiation Skills and in delivering excellent customer service. Rosemary is also a fellow of the CIPD.